Sunday, July 11, 2010

Youth Lake Trip

This weekend was the youth group's annual lake trip. I have not gone with them for about three years but this year I thought Claire would enjoy going. We bought her a life jacket (on Amazon for only $15) and drove up with the group.

We spent a few days before the trip talking about how she was going to go on a boat and swim in the lake. We put her new life jacket on and talked about how nice and pretty and special it was.

She was so excited.
We set up our little shade camp across the lake. We only had two boats this year so it took awhile to get everyone across. ( about 30 or so people)

Claire played along the shoreline while we waited for a turn to ride a boat.It was nice for me because many of the girls like Claire and Claire loves to be with them so they would watch her in the water and help her swim. Claire loved jumping off the rocks to Denisse. She played a lot with Sara too but I know Sara would kill me if I put one of those pictures up because she would not like the way she looked:)
Claire's friend Keyara came too with her family. They played in the water together and shared snacks with each other.
We finally got to go on a boat. We pulled the banana boat behind us so that was fun to watch. I so wish I could have gone on it!

Here is Claire while we raced along in the boat.

Josh got to ride on the banana and the tube. I got that tube at Savers for $9.99 a little over a year ago. It had never been used and apparently it is one of the best brands you can get.

Sporting my maternity swimsuit - well, it isn't actually "maternity" but the top was long enough that it fits like one now.

It was a fun day all in all. I must say it was so hot a muggy that even I went in the water quite a few times. I preferred jumping off the boat in middle of the lake rather than going in at the shore where the fish were biting my legs and there were all kinds of green floaties.

I'm so glad that Claire had such a good time. Because she did so well, we decided to for sure go camping this next weekend. That'll be an experience I'm sure.

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