Thursday, July 29, 2010

Pregnancy Update - The Woes of Summer

As I have been out and about this summer I notice people looking at me with pity. You can tell they are thinking. "Poor thing - pregnant in the summer..."

I used to think I was so smart to be pregnant in the summer frequently quoting my mantra "Better to have the baby IN me than ON me!" I would hate to be breastfeeding in this heat and humidity not to mention getting a newborn in and out of a 130 degree car - all lethargic and pimply with heat rash.... but I am now second guessing myself.

Two weeks ago at my midwife appointment, I could tell that Will was not head down. I had really bad kicking really low and I could have sworn a foot was going to just pop out at any moment. The midwife confirmed this and I told her how every time I went swimming, I had really low kicking right after. She said that is really interesting that I noticed that because the weightlessness of the water often can confuse the baby and they no longer can tell which way is up or down causing them to get out of position. She advised that I stay out of the pool for a while to let him turn head down again.

Of course, since we are having this baby at home, it is crucial that he be head down. She won't deliver him at home if he is breech. So I went to work doing some "turn over baby" encouraging exercises and I stayed out of the pool. Sure enough, at my appointment this week, he was back to head down like he should be. Phew! She said I should still stay out of the water until he is head down for a few more weeks and gets fat enough that he can't easily turn again. I am fine with this because it is very important he stay head down.

No swimming - check.

A few days ago, my mom noticed that I now have a couple varicose veins popping up behind my knee. I would have never known because I rarely look at the back of my knee but sure enough right in that spot I have the leg of any 80 year old. I am pretty distraught over this but most things I read say they will go away after I give birth. The midwife told me that once they are stretched, they are more prone to stretch again - whether it be during other pregnancies or when I get older. She said I should wear support hoes at least on that one leg to keep them from getting too bad.

Nylon support hose - check.

In the past two weeks my lower back/sciatic pain has gone from bad to completely debilitating. I am now to the point that I find myself limping most of the day and my all important exercise is impossible - even walking. Last night, it was all I could to roll over in bed! I would venture to say that it is as bad if not worse than labor pains at times. Unfortunately, there is nothing to do for that besides a few exerises that I have already been doing. I also was advised at my appointment to wear good supportive tennis shoes rather than flips flops and that might help a little. I just don't understand why I am having such bad back pain. I am not old and I now weigh in at 133 pounds. I could see if I had gained 60lbs and was 40 years old. Come on!

No flip flops, only shoes and socks - check.

I would not mind all these stipulations if I only had a few weeks left but I have a little over 2 months to go! 2 MONTHS. I am doomed to a hot and miserable summer.

I am also extremely anemic so earlier in my pregnancy I started taking clorophyl and an herbal iron supplement called Floradix. Let me just say that these are the most horrible tasting liquids I have ever known. I took them for a month and had my blood tested again. It was a little better but not good enough so I am also taking a blood builder pill on top of the other two and my usual prenatal, vitamin D and DHA. All that better be helping. I am literally taking 102 mg of iron daily - the recommended amount is 18mg.

I have gotten to the point where I can't wear regular t-shirts anymore or they expose the bottom few inches of my belly. I am officially in maternity wear, although, I am quite pleased with my maternity wardrobe right now. I have found so many super cute things at thrift stores. Having fun maternity clothes makes feeling this chubby okay. I also like to wear tank tops that are long and tight. The are most comfortable and I get a kick out of the way I look.

Will seems to be coming along just fine and is not any bigger or smaller than he should be. I don't know when he sleeps because he is ALWAYS moving about so that is fun and as always reassuring. I can't wait for this little guy to come out! Hopefully not 10 days late like his sister!

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