Thursday, July 22, 2010

Out With The Old!

What an exciting day! We bought a new minivan!

I have been keeping my eye out for a good deal for the past few months but we had to get really serious in the past two weeks because my car began dying on us at a fast and furious rate.

My little, white Saturn - poor thing. Here is it's laundry list of problems.

  • catalytic converter went out
  • back tire leaked air and need refilling once a week
  • had been in a fender bender but the hood was replaced by on ill-fitting hood that didn't match the car and was painted a different shade of white.
  • leaked oil
  • suddenly started wanting to overheat all the time which required me to blast the heat to keep the engine cool. That is really fun when it's 112 degrees out and the air coming out of the heater is hotter than it ever could be in the winter when you actually want it hot. Claire loved when this happened too. (this is what made us realize we needed to get rid of it fast!)
  • it also shook and vibrated like crazy on the freeway. I always thought it was just the road but after driving Josh's car the other day decided that no, it was definitely my car's problem.
  • started to have trouble shifting
  • the radio/cd player just stopped working two weeks ago.
  • brakes needed replacing and squeeked horribly all the time
  • not to mention it was a 2001 with 136,000 miles
We knew we wanted a van before Will is born - for safety reasons mostly, but as you can see we couldn't put it off for another 2 1/2 months.

I spotted this Dodge caravan a couple weeks ago for only $9k on autotrader at a Nissan dealership. Josh thought the price was too good to be true for a 2007 with only 53k miles but we finally went to look at it today and upon receiving it's clean carfax report, it's Kelly Blue Book price coming in at a little over $12k, and test driving it, we decided it was a great deal. Because we had amazing credit we got a fantastic interest rate which made us able to afford adding in a 3-year, total-coverage warranty, gap insurance, 5-year dent and ding repair, and scotch guard protection.
(the ONLY flaw on the outside are those little scratches on the bumper. What can you do...)

I am SO happy with it. No more cramming all of our stuff into a tiny sedan. It's so high off the ground to me, I feel like I'm floating when I drive it! This is the newest car we've ever owned so to us it is really a special treat. I can't wait to drive it to work tomorrow!

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