Monday, July 5, 2010

Let Me Gripe About The Zoo

Last week, I took Claire to toddler time at the Cesar Chavez Library. We had been to baby time, but this was our first toddler time. I had heard bad things about it but we were desperate to get out of the house. The wonderful library didn't open until 11am so getting there at 10:50 was a bad idea. There were about 50 people all huddle in the shade of the building and once they opened the doors it was a race to get inside for some reason.

I was worried we wouldn't get a ticket for toddler time since they only let the first 15 in but I guess most of those people were trying to get culture passes. While we were waiting for "class" to start, I wandered by the culture pass display and was shocked to find one for the Phoenix Zoo.

"Hmm, do I really want to take this?" I thought. "It is really hot and the Zoo is kind of boring, but then again, Claire would probably like it and we have nothing better to do." So I took it. The only day we could use it was Wednesday due to my work schedule and the holiday so I asked my mom if she wanted to go since that was our day to get together.

We got there at 8am and it was already too hot.

COMPLAINT # 1 about the Phoenix Zoo.
Why are there no trees in the parking lot? The Zoo has been there for almost 50 years! There should be huge shade trees by now. Why are there only a few twigs scattered about the asphalt? Nothing like getting into a 200 degree car at the end of your day...

We gave the Zoo guy our culture pass and I almost died to find that it really cost $16 per person to get in. Thank goodness Claire is still free - although considering the mentality of the Zoo, I am shocked that 2 year olds are free.

Complaint # 2
The zoo is so expensive! I don't know who would pay $16 per person to walk around in that place! It isn't that pretty, or lush, and it really is a pretty sorry excuse for a zoo when it comes right down to it. I went to a zoo in Nebraska that was AMAZING and it was free year round.

We decided to skip the Arizona Trail or whatever it is called. We wanted to see some African Animals. "Let's go see the giraffes!" I told Claire. She gets excited... No giraffes are out. "Let's go see the lions!" I told Claire. No lions. "We're going to go see the tigers!" No tigers.

I learned to not make promises at the zoo.

Complaint # 3

We walked for almost 30 minutes before we saw an animal and it was a bird. Now, I realize that we are stupid for going in the summer, but seriously, if none of the animals are out, why open? They should close in the summer and save a ton of money. Then in the fall, they could charge less.

We took this picture incase we didn't see any animals. We did see a lion - on the Coca Cola machine.Here are the otters. Do you see them? Yeah, neither did we.

The first actual non-bird animal we saw was a rhino. Claire didn't really care about it though because rhinos aren't something we talk about everyday and they aren't in many books. I told her it was a dinosaur just for fun and then she loved it.
The best thing we saw all day was the monkeys. I personally hate monkeys but we did actually see them up close and it was the first time Claire smiled all day.
We decided that this was a complete joke so we made our way to the petting zoo and then after that we would leave. On the way we found this Little People play area.

Complaint # 4

Who designed this thing? There was 1 slide and it was in the sun. The main attraction was a huge stalk of plastic corn along with some various other vegetables. What are the kids supposed to do with that?! Not to mention that the plastic produce was in raised beds, perfect for kids to trip on - which the only other child there did.

Here is Claire playing with the pumpkin. How fun.

Onward to the petting zoo.... Claire kept crying and saying "Back to house! Back to house!"

Complaint # 5

Why is the zoo always under construction? And did I really pass a sign that said they need 20 million dollars to give the zoo a face lift? What a joke.

Complaint # 6
The petting zoo only has goats! Seriously? And why are they all lying under cement benches?

Claire gave the goats a hug and a kiss. Probably because she felt sorry for them.

It took us a long time to find our way out the Zoo and we were all feeling pretty gross from the heat. Let's just say we won't be going back for a LOOOOONG time.

There you have my feelings on the Phoenix Zoo. Sorry for the complaints, it must be my pregnancies hormones:)

On a positive note, toddler time was actually very fun!

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