Sunday, July 4, 2010

VBS Week

I now have some pictures from VBS! Josh was running around all week taking pictures and video along with teaching a Bible study. I was in the kitchen making snacks for all of the kids and leaders. I love working in the kitchen - away from the kids. Claire had to go to the nursery still because the youngest class starts at 3 years old. She had a fabulous time regardless and could't wait to go everyday.

She was actually really happy here, Josh just asked her to make her angry face. I think she has perfected it.
After seeing these pictures, we found out why she had so much fun all day. That is her friend Micah, he is a month older than her and they were the only toddlers in the nursery, the rest of the kids were all babies, so they hung out quite a bit.
and some random pictures of her playing.
On the last day, there is a huge water slide for the big kids and they let the little kids play too for a little while. The younger ones don't understand the concept of running, jumping, and sliding so we always pull them with ropes. Josh pulled Claire for a long time. She loved it.

I am so excited for when Claire can be in the actual VBS program last year. The 3 year olds looked like they were having so much fun. It seems like you can do everything once you're 3, swimming, gymnastics, dance, Awana, and most sports... I can't wait until she can take part in these things but I know it will be upon us all too quickly.

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