Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Snow play? No Way!

On Tuesday, Josh had to drive up to the cabin where we have the youth retreat, to check it out and make sure it was still in good condition and/or not snowed in. We all went because we thought it would be such a fun time for Claire to see snow for the first time and to play in it. We even were able to find her Gap baby snow gloves in her size at Savers the day before. We were sure she would have a great time. In the cabin, ready to give the snow a try. (This cabin is bigger then our house and well furnished with dead animals)
The snow was too deep in most places to walk let alone sled so Josh made a ramp down the back porch steps. She would NOT wear her new snow gloves so we put these little mittens on her to at least help a little.

Not amused - but not crying

We then thought she would like to be pulled on the sled....But that was apparently so terrible that she screamed and cried and threw herself off."This is NOT fun!"
She threw a little tantrum and started freaking out so we thought "maybe she is just tired because she didn't have a nap yet today."

So inside we went and we put her down on a quilt in an upstairs room (I must note that the cabin doesn't have a heater and because there was no sunshine in the cabin - it was colder than it was outside.) We were so impressed with Claire though, she just laid down on the quilt, in middle of the floor and went to sleep - for 2 hours! I went to check on her and she was rolling around and talking to herself on the quilt. What a sweety.

When she was up, we went out to try the snow again but she still hated it. She started crying as soon as we went outside. Then, we decided it was futile so we hiked through the snow back to our car in the cul-de-sac. Claire liked the snow by the car because she could go up and touch it but she didn't have to be "in" it. That's when we got the first smile of the day.

We tried sledding one more time but that was still not fun.
We had to tickle her to get her mind off it.
"Can we go home pleeeeease?"
Aparently, she feels the same way about being cold as I do.
Poor Claire. It was a 3 hours drive so she was a little upset at us for strapping her in a carseat all that time just to torture her in the freezing snow and then drive 3 hours home. She cried most of the way. What a fun snow day!

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  1. Kathleen, your trip looks like such fun! I was reading my friend Kelly's blog and totally thought about you- I think you might like it!
    Hope you & family are well!