Sunday, February 7, 2010

Town Parade

Yesterday was the famous "Laveen Parade". Josh and I have gone several times except for last year - we didn't make it because Claire was too little to enjoy it. This year, she had a good time! Sara and her friend came too and sat with us so that made Claire happy as well.
Before the parade started, a horse walked by and we told Claire to wave at it. We said "Hi Horse!" Then when it was gone Claire said "More?" We knew then that she would like it.
The typical elderly cars with elderly people. There were many many of these.
This one caught Claire's attention. That's Kohl - a guy in the youth group. Claire loves him and always hugs him when he is around.
She set up camp on Dadda's lap.
But eventually scraped together enough courage to stand up and wave occasionally.
Every year there are Shriners in their miniature cars. But this year there were a ton and it got very dull after 30 minutes of nothing but the Shriners.

There were synchronized motorcyclists - that was pretty cool. That is when Josh and I decided that the parade improved greatly this year. In previous years, it seemed like if you owned a horse, an old car or a bike you could be in the parade. Nope, this year was much cooler.
The miniature horses went by and one came up to see Claire.We forced her to pet it.What is coming next? Do they have candy too?
Brooks Orthodontics came next and they gave her something...but not candy.
The ever popular Vee Quiva casino came by and gave Claire some Mardi Gras beads. They were a hit.
Checking them out.
The parade kept going and going and it was way past nap time for Claire so we left just before it ended. Bye parade! See you next year!

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