Sunday, February 14, 2010

Sandy Stockings

This morning, we were able to go to church for the first time in a month! Claire got sick again after the last Mops meeting but she is finally over it and the best part is she didn't give it to me or Josh.

She got to wear her new outfit I had refashioned for her out of her friend Keyara's corduroy jumper. I am not a huge fan of jumpers on Claire, they make her look squatty and like a little baby again - So, I turned it into a big girl skirt instead.Her hair has been doing this weird flip-roll in the back for quite somtime now.People tell me it is cute - but all I see is this.
I had no intention of going to the park in her church clothes but when we walked by the slide she wanted to play so badly. She was such a good girl in church that I couldn't say no. You only live once.

She loves to go up and down the steep steps
and keeps busy by hauling rocks up so she can drop them down the slides.She's still a little uncomfortable going down the slide by herselfand she wants so very badly to be able to climb up the slide instead of using the steps.I think it will be a few years before that is possible.
I don't know how she got that scratch on her nose or when she did it. It looks self-inflicted though so the cat is off the hook.
Claire always says bye to the slides when we leave. I found that if we say 'bye' to something, it makes it easier for her to accept the fact that we are leaving.

Bye slides! Time to go put Claire's clothes in the wash.

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