Monday, January 11, 2010

It's a Shiner

We new it was inevitable.... we are actually amazed that it didn't happen sooner...
Claire's first black eye.
Last night, after our evening church service, Claire was running around having a great time. She had sat still for more than an hour so she was a little hyper and rightfully so. I was sitting a talking with some friends while Claire was running around acting silly when out of the corner of my eye I saw her trip on her pigeon toes and fly/fall toward a chair, hitting the side of her face on the hard wood. She of course was screaming and when I turned her over her eye was already swelling. We put ice on it right away but that just made her scream harder. She calmed down a little but was still crying as we drove home. I was pretty sure there was no internal damage to her eye but to be on the safe side, Josh asked Anita (nurse) and her husband Mike (EMT) from church to come by our house and look at it. They were so nice and did right away. They said it looked like a flesh wound and were able to tell me that I could actually give her double the amount of ibuprofen that I had been giving her. It was nice to have peace of mind before we put her to bed for the night. We are so thankful that they came.This morning it was swollen shut so the swelling seems to be subsiding quickly. It has gotten progressively darker though as the day goes by.
We went shopping this morning and no one asked what happened. They just looked at her. Luckily, it the CPS comes knocking on our door we have about 15 witnesses that saw it happen:)

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