Thursday, January 7, 2010

In a Rut

It's nice to be back to our normal schedule. We have plenty of time on our hands now that Christmas is over so trying to fill our day with fun things for Claire is challenging. We pretty much do the same thing everyday so I am trying to come up with different things to do.

She recently found the joy of dancing while wearing her little ballet skirt. She takes her dancing very seriously. Do not ask why there is a potato on the ground. I don't know.
This morning, we drove to Cesar Chavez park to play on the playground. We were the only ones there! I had mentally prepared myself for the fact that there would be other kids playing there so I was really glad. I get irritated very easily with other peoples kids - especially when they ask me questions and run all over the baby slides. We just leave if other people come most of the time.
Claire wanted to play on the big kid equipment.
She is a brave girl!

Having second thoughts....

I eventually pushed her down but she ended up on her side by the time she got to the bottom. She was a little upset but quickly got over it.
She was so excited because we took some rice crispies with us to feed the ducks. (that is all we had) Unfortunately, there weren't any ducks at the time - just these sorry excuses for birds.
We saw geese sitting up on the hill area so we went to check them out. They started running at us honking at the top of there lungs. They were the same height as Claire so she was a little scared. I didn't force her to get too close, I was attacked by a goose on two separate occasions when I was younger. To this day I am afraid of them.
We stood at a safe distance and waved 'hi' and 'bye' to them.

Claire has made the switch from two naps to just one. She now goes down after lunch and will usually sleep 3 hours. I miss two nap times but now she doesn't wake up until 8am instead of 6:30am so that has been quite the luxury.

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  1. big birds ARE scary. that was nice of you not to force her over to them since they scare me when they are like 1/4 or less of my size- ha!