Sunday, January 17, 2010

Sesame Street

One morning last week I let Claire watch Sesame Street. Her eye was hurting, making her grouchy and I had some things to get done.
As soon as we fast forwarded through the many colorful advertisements preceding the actual show, I went to sweep the kitchen floor. Jimmy Fallon was the guest and he was pretending to be "Wild Nature Survivor Guy" dropped into "the middle of nowhere" (Sesame Street) where he had to survive off nature "all alone". I'm pretty sure that the word 'nature' must have been spoken over a hundred times in the next 10 minutes. Fallon looked for food, he found a tomato plant and exclaimed "Nature provides! Nature gives us what we need!" He looks for water on a plant because it had rained earlier on Sesame Street. "Nature gives us water, it falls from the sky in the form of rain" he explained to Elmo, "Nature will give me everything I need!" Elmo replies, "Elmo never knew nature gave us so much."

Later, after repeating "Nature provides!" a few more times Fallon sees Big Bird. He is shocked for he has never seen such a large bird, "Nature's greatest masterpiece!" he exclaims.

To wrap up the segment we home viewers got a mine lecture about how "we are all a part of nature! We eat and breathe and drink and live because of nature. We need nature for our water, our food, our EVERYTHING." Followed by a shameless liberal plug convincing us that if we take care of nature it will take care of us.

It was so eerie. You could literally replace the word 'nature' with 'God' and the statements would then be completely true.

I was a little perturbed but I found it extremely ironic how in the next segment some famous actress came out (I don't know who it was - I don't really like to watch movies and the fact that I knew the other guy was Jimmy Fallon is very impressive) and she explained that nature is anything that "is found outside and is not created by man." Wait a minute, not created by man? So you are admitting that is was created by someone then... right? Hmm..... It seems, therefore, that the 'nature' we were singing praises to early is not a supreme being after all. Shouldn't we be awe of the Creator more than His creation?

After Sesame Street we went for a walk to enjoy God's creation and guess what we found!?

Arizona snow! (aka cotton that blew away when the field was being harvested.)

Yes, we will still watch Sesame Street. Elmo's World is life saver on laundry days.

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