Sunday, February 3, 2013

20 Days and Counting

Yesterday, we had a busy day at the Boston house.  We were all relieved to drive up and see the color of the stucco.  We had chosen green because every other house on the street is a boring beige and the only other choice was blue which after seeing a few blue stuccoed buildings we decided that blue only looks good on houses with siding..  We were so nervous that it would look either pukey, or too dark, or too light and celery-ish.    It came out exactly as we imagined it and we are so happy with it.

It will look awesome once the trim is white with a dark charcoal roof and shutters.

 The back.  My dad added that little window last week in the laundry room.  I love it, a laundry room always needs a window.

I also like the stucco texture.  It is not all rough with huge scrape marks.  It is a sandpaper look. It is made with elastomeric and should never crack, chip or fade.  We'll see.

Oh, the back wall we stuccoed beige.  It looks lovely as well.

The tile guys did a good portion of the job but were not quite done yet.

Josh painted the first coat of the master, put doors on the kitchen cabinets and started changing out electrical outlets.


While my dad worked on baseboards.

 They are much needed but a what a pain in the neck.

My mom and I worked on a bunch of little things; more wall repair/retexturing, painting baseboards and closet shelves measuring windows for the blinds and window casing etc.

Back at our house I have been good about packing at least 4 boxes each day.  As soon as the tile guys get all their stuff out of the garage, we'll start taking things over so moving day will not be so monstrous.

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