Friday, February 22, 2013

So Long Farwell - Except on Sundays and Wednesdays.....

Things I will  miss about our Laveen house:

1.  Being so close to church. Especially for Josh's sake.  He will still be at church just as much and of course the girls and I will drive out for events and Sundays and Wednesdays.

Things I will not miss about our Laveen house

1. The drive to anything else we do: Seriously nothing is out here!  Family, stores that carry non-pesticide laden or gmo filled foods, Joann, Claire's Parks and Rec classes (we tried the Phoenix ones once - no thank you!) the list goes on and on.  Not to mention that since Claire is starting kindergarten this year and we need to find a home school group.  None exist in Laveen but there are dozens in the east valley area, not to mention EVAC.

2. The 30 minute drive to the ghetto (Maryvale) each month (or more) for my prenatal appointments and the average 2 hour wait each time I go.

3.  The Fry's in Laveen is atrocious.  There are only certain times of day that I dare go in that place.  Usually morning to as late as 2pm and it'll be okay, but after that (and especially at night)  it is so crowded and noisy and the produce is totally picked over.  I have waited in looooooong lines by going at night.  People out here have no idea what personal space means.   I am also bitter towards it because they remodeled and put in a sushi bar.  I cannot even explain how stupid that is. Walmart or Safeway are the only other choices.  Safeway is too expensive and Walmart out here is 10 times worse than the average Walmart.  (Last time I went it seemed to be "take your child to Walmart in their pajamas" day.  How silly of me to get my children dressed to go out in public.)

4. Stairs:  When we bought this house I was convinced that we had to have stairs.  I always wanted a two-story growing up but we never had one.  I had some over-romanticized idea of stairs and how wonderful they would be.  NEVER again.  I guess they were okay pre-child, but not only do I run up and down them 8 times just to get ready to go somewhere,  they are also a constant worry with toddlers.  Joy still can't be trusted on them by herself, so if sister goes up, we all go up (as Joy can't stand to be left out of anything cool that Claire is doing).  The baby gates that have been permanent fixtures on the top and bottom of said stairs are also going to be bid a "good riddance"  I don't know what I'm going to do when I don't have to climb over one several times a day.

5. The backyard.  It is so tiny.  Seriously, most people have bedrooms that are larger.  It's our fault it looks so terrible we pretty much don't go out there which just makes the house itself seem that much small when your kids can't even go out and play.  The neighbors are always watching as we are surrounded by two-stories and since we are so close you can hear everything the other is saying. It is not a private place at all.  It was REALLY bad when the people next store had a trampoline and a group of little boys that would go over and use it every day.  They moved out luckily.

6. Flies are a huge problem for us.  All spring and summer we have an unreasonable amount of flies in our backyard.  We have tried everything to get rid of them but you can hardly stand to be out there cause you'll look down and there'll be 7 on your leg.   It is terrible.

7. Black widows, the other reason we aren't out there a lot is because once the weather gets nice and the fly population dies down, the black widows come.   Seriously I think it could be called an infestation.  The whole neighborhood has them and they are BIG.  We spray them when we find them but another just moves in immediately. Last spider season, Joy followed me out back and almost sat down on one that was crouching right under the back doorstep.  Everytime the girls go outside we have to do a "bad bug check" and make sure the coast is clear.

8. Pigeons.  Oh how I hate pigeons.  Enough said.

9.  Cow smell.  I'm not talking about the occasional farmy-ness of the manure wafting through the air.  That is okay... and constant.  What is nearly unbearable is the rancid, putrid stench that plagues the neighborhood every night at dusk and hangs in a thick, choking, cloud until about 11pm.  It's literally chokes you and you can taste it.  We can't even keep our windows open at night when the weather is nice because it is so bad.

10.  HOA.  I can't wait to not have an HOA.  We knew we hated them but every neighborhood that was building had one.  There's nothing quite like paying $62.48 a month so you can have your car towed when you park it in front of your house. (twice)

11.  Our house is a cell phone dead zone.  If I am talking to someone on the phone I have to stand in a certain spot by the back door in order to get 1 bar.  My favorite is when I'm on hold for a long long time and as soon as someone finally answers, my phone drops the call and has no bars. This has happened more times than I can count and I have to save my phone calls for Mondays when I am not at home.

Well, as you can see I'm not sorry to be moving. When we first moved out here it was full of promise - All the new building going on and the hope of the freeway going through and young families moving in.  Since the housing bubble burst all that's left are vacant houses and brand new buildings that  have stood empty for years, waiting for a business to move in.

I could not be happier and more ready to move!

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