Tuesday, February 19, 2013

A Joy Post

 Little Joy is getting bigger...but is still little.  She is 18 months, weighs 19 lbs and is 30.5 inches tall.  She is desperately lacking in the hair department and until just recently was sporting quite the mullet.  We changed her official hairdo to pig tails which helps her to looks not so unfortunate.
 She loves her sister but hates to share.  She just started saying "mine" when she picks up a toy.  She talks a lot but her vocabulary mostly consists of bah's and di's.  The scary thing is how well we understand her depending on the intonation or pronunciation of the "di". When you ask her something if she wants something and she does, then her little face lights up with a smile and she claps her hands.  She does know all of the animal sounds and can say them pretty well.  She and Claire like to run around the house and laugh and squeal at the top of their lungs.  When something is hysterical, she bends forward at the waist and rests her hands on her thighs and laughs a hearty laugh.
She is a total mamma's girl and doesn't like strangers.  She will not stand to be left in the nursery at church.  I don't mind though, she is my precious love bug and we enjoy our outings alone together when sister is at Cubbies.
She loves to read books, play with sister, and long as it is something she likes.  She eats more than Claire and often times more than me. We aren't sure where it goes because she is not putting any weight on her body. 
We are bummed because her cloth diapers were leaking every time she went potty.It became a problem when we would run to the store for 30 minutes and before we got back in the car her pants were soaked.  I decided to go with disposables but they were leaking through at an alarming rate.   I realized it was because she was in a size 2, and although they fit her bottom, her amount of potty was just too much for a small size 2.  We switched to size 3 and haven't had anymore problems.  As soon as we move and get settled, I will potty train her.  I hope she is as easy as Claire was.

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  1. Brings back memories of my 2 little girls. How fun they are!