Wednesday, January 30, 2013

We are moving!

Wow, it has been awhile since I've done an update on my parents' flip house.  A lot has been happening - although chances are you will be thinking.  "Man, what is taking them so long?!?!" Well, the reason it is taking so long is because my dad has to do 90% of the work and he already has a full-time job and his own business, which is a part-time job so he only gets to work on the house on weekends. 

We are suddenly in a time crunch as something is finally happening with the sale of our house and the people buying it are moving in the end of February.  Our move out date is February 23rd.  So yeah,  the Boston house needs to be liveable in less than one month which equals 4 work days.

As I mentioned previously, the kitchen ceiling was very very low so we wanted to raise it up to average people height. 
So, down the old ceiling came, along with a bunch of insulation, and a couple of dead birds.  But it is important to note that throughout all of this demolition, we have not seen even one scorpion, dead or alive.
There were huge electrical wiring issues and my dad rerouted the water heater pipes so much to my and my mom's dismay, some wall repair was in our future.
Look how nice and high the ceiling is now!
Oh my word, what a ton of work this room was, patching and scraping and sanding and texturing.  Seriously it took 5 weekends.  Plus many weekdays of my mom going out by herself and working on it.
My mom is a pro at texturing.
The cabinets are all in now (not quite in this picture)  they still need doors and shelves though.  We are super excited because this week, the entire house is being tiled and the granite counter tops will be going in next week along with the appliances.  Then the kitchen will be done! (Except for cosmetic things like backsplash tiling and that sort of thing.  That will get done after we move in)

The whole house got new windows.  The play room had a major window remodel.

Before:  See how the windows covered with the curtain ( there are two side by side for some dumb reason) are shorter than the other ones?  Ugh! I hated that, it looked so weird.  So my dad made it so there is one window on one wall and one window on the other wall - and they are both the same height.

After:  Well... in progress.
 Sigh, that was a lot of wall repair too.  
It's pretty much done now,  I just don't have a picture.

The sliding glass door has been replaced with french doors.
In the backyard, Bryan started cutting down the palm trees to remove them,  
However, we have been unsuccessful at getting the stumps/roots out and because of our new deadline we have left them as they are not important right now.  We are leaving the backyard alone and will work on it sometime before it gets too hot.
The block wall surrounding the backyard needed repairs and we wanted to raise it up one more block so it would be a normal sized wall.  (we had professionals do this) then they stuccoed over the wall and we decided to have them stucco the house as well.  What a pain it would have been to have to sand and patch every little hole in the house siding and then paint it!  The crew is coming back this week so put the final coat on both the wall and the house.  The final coat will have the color we chose actually mixed into the stucco so it will never need to be painted and if it chips or anything it is all one color so gray won't show through.  It should last forever.

 I am excited to see how it looks finished with the color. The color we chose and the existing green trim will clash terribly until we have a chance to repaint the trim.

Josh had to dig out the former dog run before the guys could finish the wall.

 Joy was a big helper.

Before we move in we will have one bathroom functioning.  My mom just finished tiling the tub surround in the girl's bathroom.  The day that I was able to help, we got the ceiling and almost the back wall done. 

Not bad! 
As you can see we have a ways to go to get the house ready.  Thankfully the major things, carpet, tile, countertops and stucco will all be done by someone else and everything we have left to do is small stuff.  We mostly have to work on a little more painting, installing doors, ceiling fans/lights, electrical outlets, switches etc.  Luxuries like baseboards, window trim and a second bathroom will have to come after we move in.

I am so excited about our move!  I have so much work to do in our house though, it is a little overwhelming.  I need to start packing.  We have so much more stuff now that we have kids than we did when just Josh and I moved into this house.
 The next 24 days are sure to be a whirlwind!

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