Saturday, January 28, 2012

To the Zoo

Yesterday we went to the zoo with Grandma and Aunt Shelbe. Some of you may know how I feel about the zoo from reading this post, but I had an open mind and figured that since Josh's family always has a great time, the animals must somehow sense their presence and come out of hiding. The weather was absolutely perfect so we were off to a much better start than the last time.

Right off the bat we saw the giraffes and elephants, all out and close to the fences so we could see them.
Joy enjoying her giraffe in front of the giraffes.
We got to see this disgusting ape up close. Claire was eating a strawberry as we were watching it and the ape saw the strawberry and wanted it.

She (the monkey) then grapped some lettuce and brought it to the window and held it out to Claire as though she thought she could trade. Claire was freaked out and backed away. Leaving the gross primate sad and dejected.From there we went to see the camels. Claire and Shelbe took a camel ride.We then went to the goat petting area for awhile. Claire loved it.For some reason this goat was deemed precious by Claire.
Claire thinks she is going to get a horse when she is bigger. She is terribly mistaken.Grandma and my Precious Punkin waiting for sissy.I was super excited that the peacocks were walking around the food court area. For whatever reason, Claire is deathly afraid of peacocks even though she has never seen one.
She routinely has nightmares about them too.
Look how close she got!Off to see more of the zoo!
and ride the carousel.
and last but not least, We petted the sting rays. Claire was not afraid at all.How many babies could spend 5 hours at the zoo and be happy at every moment? This one could.

It was a super fun day; every single animal was out and about and we had a great time!

Thank you Grandma and Aunt Shelbe!

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  1. That is awesome!!! I laughed about the horse part and Claire being terribly mistaken! Ha ha!