Wednesday, February 1, 2012


I HATE to blow bubbles. Claire, of course loves them and I constantly feel like a bummer mom for not blowing bubbles as often or as long as she would like. We had a Little Tikes lion bubble blower but it was used so much it finally bit the dust.

I decided to splurge and get this bubble blower from Amazon. I always justify purchases like this by telling myself I can use it for my Awana Puggles group too. (and believe me, if it buys me 5 minutes of entertainment for the Puggles then it is well worth it.) I was more excited when it came then Claire was. I turned it on in the house and in less than a minute the air was thick with bubbles. I had to turn it off because there were so many that the floor was getting soaked. We took it outside to really try it out.

I let it run until Claire got her fill. I love that there is no wasted bubble solution with this machine. The only bummer is that the solution reservoir is very shallow so you can't carry it around after the solution is added. No matter how careful you are, it will still spill.

Even Joy like bubbles.
I am very happy with it so far. I figured it would be a good buy since
I have many more years of blowing bubbles.

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