Saturday, February 4, 2012

Shes Got Skills

Our little Joybug is working on some new skills! She has just started sitting by herself. Of course she still needs some practice but she can sit for awhile before toppling over. Not too bad for a 5 and half month old who was born a month early! Joy is a tiny girl weighing in at 13.2 pounds.
She is also so close to crawling. She can get up on all fours and rock back again forth. She tries to take a "step" but her arms give out. She is quite mobile regardless and somehow rolls, scoots and pushes herself all over the room. (mostly in a backward direction)She has had her 2 bottom teeth for a month now and often has her lips pursed, like she is sucking on them. We thought the top ones would make their appearance awhile ago but they have not broken through yet.
Joy enjoys long walks in her babybjorn and spends most of her time on her tummy on the floor, standing in her disc, jumping in her johnny-jump-up and of course being held and snuggled. She is a sweet and wonderful baby in every way. She smiles and is happy most of the time. She also does things you would expect a baby to do which is a novelty since Claire never did anything by the book. ( i.e. playing with toys, sleeping, fussing only when tired, rubbing her eyes when tired, enjoying life, etc.)

We love this little girl!

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  1. She has the most gorgeous eyes! Actually, so does Claire!