Sunday, July 3, 2011

Extreme Nesting - Part 2.- Moving right along!

We have made great progress on the floor! So much so, that we were able to start laying a week earlier than originally planned. (and by we I mean Josh and a handful of hardworking youth)
What a mess! To add to the chaos I had to babysit the neighbor's almost 2 year old for the majority of the day so we were stuck upstairs the whole time. - Fun.

4 boys came over on Friday and finished up the demo. The salesman at Big D who helped me choose the floor and had been giving me pointers on it for the past 2 months, also came by and what a huge help he was! He stayed for over 3 hours and helped so much. He is a trained professional in the flooring area so he brought over a ton of tools and helped scrape, remove the toilet and even helped Josh snap the chalk lines so we could be sure they are perfectly straight.

Laying the first tile!It was a momentous occasion.

The flooring we decided on is Earthwerks Vinyl Tile. We have gone back and forth on what to put down for quite a while and were sure we would put down some sort of stone/ceramic tile, but after seeing Claire take a number of falls on the old floor, we decided that a tile floor was not for us - at least not until all of our children are finished learning to walk. I am not a fan of tile anyway, probably because I spent a few too many hours of scrubbing grout with Comet and a toothbrush as a child.
(this is four of them pushed together)

I really liked the vinyl tile, as it is not so hard on little heads, supposedly looks like a solid stone floor, is very easy to install - no tile saw needed, and has no grout lines.

Even though it looks very textured, it only has very shallow texturing which will very easy to keep clean.
Josh layed the whole family room area that day so we were able to put the couches back.
The next day, he did the whole entry way and bathroom so all that is left is the kitchen area. The boys are coming back tomorrow to help so I am optimistic that it will get finished, we'll see!


  1. We just put in new flooring this past week. Isn't it wonderful the change it makes to a room!

  2. Looks great! We've been ripping out carpet and tiling the bedrooms. Quite the job but it feels good when another room is complete :o)