Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Extreme Nesting - Part 1

Yes, the nesting has begun. It always starts way early for me for some reason. I think it's because I think "Oh, I'm 30 weeks! I'm so close!" But I don't realize that the last 10 weeks drag on like a horrible nightmare of bulging, Hulk veins and back pain . I feel more justified in my early nesting this time around because I only have 7 more weeks (maybe 6 if we are lucky!) Plus, 2 of those weeks we will be out of town.

Ever since we moved into our house 4 years ago we knew we wanted to get a nicer flooring. We chose the cheapest possible linoleum for the builders to put down and asked them to not use much glue (haha) as we were sure we would be ripping it up within the first month. Well, here we are 4 years later with the same flooring. It is not horrible, just ugly and abused. Apparently, I drop knives a lot because we have all sorts of inexplicable cuts in it. It never looks clean, even when it is, due to all the gashes. We had carpet in the family room, but it too was not the best and had some mystery stains that I would constantly clean, they would go away for about a week and then somehow appear again. This was baffling to me cause its in a place we don't even walk or sit on.

I finally found a flooring that would work with us, I liked, and was even below our budget. (we got a child tax credit from Will so we put the money aside for the floors) Since I work at a floor covering place, I got a very good discount and we are able to borrow the few tools that we need.

We started the daunting task of ripping of the old flooring and OMGoodness -they used industrial strength glue that will NOT come off without a fight. Josh and two youth worked on it a few days ago and got quite a bit done but still have quite a bit more to go. I can't do the scraping due to my back (I tried and couldn't walk for the next 2 days) so I pull out baseboard nails, clean, and patch the holes and cracks in the concrete. I also need to sand, fix and repaint the baseboards before putting them back on.

We hope to lay the new floor in 2 weeks - right before Josh leaves for Youth camp and I leave for my mom's. That way any fumes in the house can dissipate while I'm gone. I feel overwhelmed with the house torn up and several other projects going on at the same time but It'll be done soon and I will be SO happy to bring Peanut home to a beautiful house made possible by his/her brother Will.


  1. wow. could you come do some nesting for me too? that is quite a project to undertake but that will be SO mice to have new flooring!!!!

  2. We've - I mean Josh has made great progress so it will be revealed shortly!