Sunday, June 12, 2011

Claire Turns 3!

June 4th was Claire's birthday! She was so excited. We made a big deal about how when she turned three she would be a big girl so ever since her big day, she tells us she is big now and can do most things by herself. (She has learned to put her own shoes on so I am happy)

On her "happy day" We decorated the house with blue balloons, blue paper flowers, and blue streamers. For breakfast she had blue pancakes in the shape of 3's. Josh and I got her present at the youth rummage sale for $25 bucks. We didn't like the colors so we got that special paint made for such plastics and Josh spray painted it. I think the door and shutters still need a color update though. Later that day, we went to Nana and Poppy's to celebrate.

There was a lot of swimming, with Uncle Buddy,

with Dadda,

with Uncle Didi.
We are so happy that she can actually propel herself around in her floaty this year! What a good summer in the pool it will be!
We then opened gifts. Poppy's birthday is June 4th too!
Claire with her new baby doll.
Playing with some huge bubbles from Uncle Didi and Aunt Michelle.

Bubble Shower!
The next weekend we went over to Grandma and Grandpa's house where we had some delicious BBQ, and Claire swam most of the afternoon.
We talked Claire into agreeing to go underwater, you know, since she is three now. She said she wanted to, plugged her nose and closed her eyes.
Hmmm, maybe when she is four?
She was happy again a few minutes later and threw toys in the pool for
Dadda and Shelbe to retrieve.Grandma and Grandpa gave Claire a membership to My Gym! What a lucky duck! She has gone twice this week and is so sad when we have to leave. I'm so glad to have a busy summer, between parks and rec gymnastics, ballet and My Gym we have something to do nearly everyday!

Then we had Grandma's cookie dough pie for dessert. I was so excited that Claire could actually blow out her candles this year!
- Well, she is three after all.

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  1. Sounds like a fun birthday! She sure is cute!!

    I've never heard of cookie dough pie. Maybe you can post the recipe...