Friday, June 3, 2011

Our Time at My Gym

At the beginning of the year I bought a Groupon for a month of unlimited classes at My Gym for $30. I put it off til the summer so we would have something fun to do when it was too hot to play at the park. We finally used it this past month (as it had to be activated by June) and what a blast we have had!

Claire's age group class meets on Thursdays and Fridays. She LOVES it. Each class starts out with circle time. The instructors treat the kids like the 3 years olds that they are and the kids are expected to listen, obey and participate with little to no help from the parents. (although many of them do not listen and it amazes me how the parents let them get away with doing whatever they want) The main instructor, David, goes around the circle and says "Let's see who came to class today! What's your name?" and points to the kid closest to him (which is usually Claire because she absolutely adores him) I was surprised when she actually answered audibly and then David says "Hi Claire! What's your favorite _____?" The first class he asked what her favorite song was. Being first to be asked, I didn't have time to tell her what to say or help her out. I was blown away when she said "Ring Around The Rosy", without missing a beat. It sounds silly but I was so proud. They then stretch and sing a song that requires some sort of coordination to dance to. Today was a special day because Dadda was able to come watch since it was the last Friday class for us.and then they work on a gymnastics skill shortly. This time it was a backward roll.After circle time, the kids can play on anything in gym. Each week the staff sets up the play equipment differently so there is always something new to explore. Sometimes there is a slide going into the ball pit or a parachute fort. This time the "big" trampoline was next to the ball pit and Claire spent every moment of free time jumping into the balls.
Sorry for the blurriness, I was trying not to be the obnoxious parent with the camera flashing every two seconds so I turned the flash off.Then the kids meet in the red circle in the center of the gym and David tells them what gymnastic skill they will be working on and splits the group in two. First, Claire went to work on somersaults. I love that the teachers teach waiting patiently and paying attention. The kids only get to have a turn if they are watching their 'friends' quietly and listening. Claire got to go first this time because she was paying attention when David said to do "goggle eyes".

Then she went to the low trapeze to practice balance. Every class they have learned a different skill. Climbing, balance beam,
spring board jumping, low bars and rings.

After that, they have more free play,They usually hang swings up for a little while during free play. The kids love them.
Each class ends with a surprise item and they do a ton of different things with it. Today's was a slinky and Claire was all into it. The slinky was a cup, a broken cup, a pony-tail, a pool, a rainbow, a caterpillar a lion's mane and as shown here, an elephant trunk. Then a short song and cheer.
We are sad that we only have one more class left but the price goes up to $55 a month now so that is out of the question. (actually even $30 a month would be out of the question as well) But, I highly recommend My Gym, we have had a great experience with it. If you've got the money and the time, it would be great thing to get involved in.

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  1. That sounds amazing! She is absolutely adorable!!