Friday, July 15, 2011

A Week Away!

This past week, Josh left again for Zona Youth Camp. So, once again, Claire and I made the trek to Nana's house for the week. It was so nice. We lived in our swim suits.

This little girl is quite proud that she can touch the bottom of Nana's pool.All she does when we go swimming is jump up and down and exclaim "Look at me! I can touch the bottom! I'm a big girl!"

Claire got to play in the irrigation.
My parents bought her this swing at Ikea. It is perfect for her and she loves it. Which is amazing to me because the first time I went to push her on it, I pushed on the wood swing and not her body which knocked the swing right out from under her and she was drug through the mud. (now I know she holds on tight at least!) Even so, she still wants to swing all the time. Standing is her new trick. My favorite quote from her this weeks was while we were swinging after Poppy put it up. She said, "Oh!, this is my special! I love my special swing! Thank you Poppy! Poppy IS nice!"
Yes, it was a fun week at Nana's away from the floor work at our house. Today when we go home, I hope to finish up some projects before Josh gets home - Including starting a new discipline method...

Because believe it or not, this little girl is quite the handful.

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