Thursday, July 28, 2011

Sewing for Claire

I haven't made a dress for Claire in quite awhile. She has many in her closet that are supposedly her size, we try them on every few weeks but they are still too big and by the time they do fit her, they are too short.

I found this ladies' shirt at Savers for $5 and had a vision for it so I decided it was worth it. I was elated when I went to check out and was told that since I had my Savers Club Card, my entire purchase was 50% off. Woot!

I removed the bottom layer as it was way too long anyway. I used that fabric for the straps and hair bow. Of course I had to take in the sides as well.

Couldn't be easier!
Claire loves to twirl in it.
I love the bow in the back, it's much different from her other dresses I've made.Not bad for $2.50!
I have a few more projects in process that I hope to get done before Peanut comes...We'll see.


  1. I'm impressed! You are really creative, and thrifty, too. Your husband and children (soon) are blessed.

  2. what an adorable dress. she looks like she was enjoying the modeling session - super fun (=

  3. I forgot to mention that we had that same problem with kaylie because by the time everything fit around the middle it was too short - so we did a lit of leggings and her pants always turned into capri's.