Sunday, May 2, 2010

Pets - My Love, Mostly Hate Relationship

We have acquired a new pet. I know, we need another pet like we need a hole in our heads but this one is not the typical pet.
We found this desert tortoise at my mom's house last week. It made it's first appearance on their porch days earlier but when I was there, it was in their garage. Knowing that Josh has wanted a turtle for as long as I've known him, I took it home. You would have thought we won the lottery he was so excited for it. "It" is a 20 year old girl but we haven't thought of a good name for her yet. Josh got to work building her a habitat in this worthless corner of our yard. She has free range of the entire yard and according to everything I can find to read about desert tortoises, she doesn't need any kind of food to supplement what is in our yard already.
She just walks around, eats grass, weeds, my garden and sleeps. She is by far my favorite pet. I think she is adorable.
Claire likes her too. We can tell she is used to humans because she doesn't mind being touched, picked up, or even having the dog sniff at her. So as our newest pet climbs to the top of my pet list, our oldest has hit rock bottom. I hate him. Everyone I talk to regularly knows I hate him. Just while I was taking the pictures of the tortoise he pooped 3 times. I mean, come on! 3 times? In 10 minutes? He is the reason our yard is covered in flies all the time, our grass is such a wreck because he paces along the back wall for hours, he doesn't listen, he doesn't obey, he is big, clumsy, hairy, smelly and just all around stupid.
The only positive thing he has going for him is that Claire likes to lay on him and play little games with him. So although I spend far more time cleaning up after him than I do Claire, he at least entertains her so that I can clean up. He is looking for a new home before the baby comes.
Let's not forget Jonas. Jonas Blackbeard. He is a sweet guy and very loving. He is a manly cat and prowls the neighborhood at night (he is fixed). He catches mice pretty regularly and has at least 2 neighbor-cat friends that come to the door looking for him. If only we could remove his meow box, he would right up there with the tortoise.

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