Thursday, April 22, 2010

Pudding Paint

When I was little and my mom would make pudding paint. It was a rare and special occasion and didn't even know that it was pudding until years later when I asked. I found some disgusting banana cream pudding in my pantry that I obviously bought by accident so I decided to let Claire have a try at it.

It started out with one finger, very precise and clean.Then both hands got in on the action.
She was having fun and had no idea she could eat the pudding.Then I told her she could eat it. After some coaxing she finally took a taste.She liked it - a lot. The painting came to a screeching halt and all she did was feast on it.
Notice how the bowls are pretty much empty. We had to move dinner time back a bit.
One more taste for the road.
All done! Claire hates it when her hands are dirty and says. "Hans?!" until we wash them. After a little while of scrubbing I gave up and she got to take her beloved "baff".

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