Sunday, April 4, 2010

Claire's Top Book Picks

Claire loves to read... since we want to encourage this, we never say no to reading her a book when she asks and we usually read for a good hour or more everyday. We have moved from board books to 'peek-a-boo' or 'lift the flap books' and from those to regular short stories. Her absolute FAVORITE books that we currently have are the Little Rabbit series by Alan Baker. We only have 4 in the series but Claire is hoping she gets some more for her birthday.

These books have an easy to follow story line, fun ideas, and darling pictures that she loves. Her favorite of the three that we have (all found at thrift stores) is this one.She likes books about farms - she loves to make the animal noises...and she can relate to any books about chickens and eggs...I love how at the end of every Little Rabbit book the rabbits say goodnight and go to bed.

In this book, Brown Rabbit reads one of his recipes books and makes Jell-O for all of his friends. He works hard all day to get ready for their arrival. They play, eat, and then of course go to bed.

In this third one, we see the rabbits' time schedule as they prepare for
Gray Rabbit to come for dinner. They clean, go to the grocery store, take a break for lunch... Claire loves the mouse in all these books too. Especially on this page.They cook and then spend time with their friend. One thing Josh and I noticed is that these rabbits take their food seriously.

Good-bye Little Rabbits! Good-Bye. I'm sure we'll be seeing you several more times today.

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