Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Easter this year was so much fun for us. It started out with an Easter Miracle! Claire's huge, black, lip scab came off and didn't leave too much damage behind. I was so happy.After our church services and Claire's nap, we headed over to my parents' house for the afternoon. My Aunt Faith, Cousin Marisol, Steve and Michelle and Bud were all there. We did our typical meal tradition of ham, scalloped potatoes, carrots, rolls, orange fluff, etc.
Claire is an excellent eater and eats whatever we give her. I'm so glad we won that battle back when she was little. No picky eaters are allowed in our family! After she was done, we let her have a Jell-O egg. She didn't quite know how to eat it and kept gentle squeezing it in her hand.

After dinner, Claire had her first egg hunt. Last year, she was too little to understand and we were all a little disappointed she didn't perform. (even though she was only 10 months and we were just lucky she was walking)
Easter 2009This year, we practiced the concept of putting eggs in the basket ahead of time and she did so well! We were all pleased with her enthusiasm... especially when she found out there was a Reeses Piece inside. (yes, 1) She ran around so quickly and with so much gusto that you'd think she had competition. She kept shaking the eggs she picked up to make sure there was a candy inside. If it was one she had eaten already, she would just toss it back on the grass.She didn't notice that eggs kept falling out of the basket as she ran, thus creating the never ending egg hunt. Uncle Buddy helped her take the grass out of her basket to make more room.
That's a lot of eggs! (yes, a lot is two different words.) When she was done, she came back to show us her loot. Then, Nana gave her some Easter gifts.
She got a set of her own golf clubs!When we go over there on Mondays, she always sees my dad hitting his golf balls and wants to try. Uncle Buddy tried to show her how to use two hands but she still prefers one.There were all kinds of little goodies from Nana.This is her first encounter with a PEZ dispenser.Aunt Faith and Marisol gave her a cute little bunny.Sharing a candy with her Poppy.
We later had dessert, and watched as Claire danced to her favorite, "All the Single Ladies" by Beyonce. (Which is always an appropriate Easter activity.) It was a fine, fine day.

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