Saturday, May 22, 2010

Water Worries

Last Tuesday, Claire and I were on the east side of town so we met up with Grandma Tracy at Espee Park in Chandler, where they have a spray pad.

I had never taken Claire to one of these before but assumed she would have a good time. We ate a picnic lunch and then went to check out the water. Hmmm.. thinking about it...
Claire has a phobia of water touching her anywhere on her head so she was not so sure. Just when the water turned off and she was ready to run in the puddles, a car alarm went off, spoiling the moment. (her other fear)What a wuss. This kid needs to toughen up.

Finally, she was ready to run around in the water - note that in the following pictures her hair is not wet and the water is not spraying.

I was really hoping it would turn on while she was running through there.

Jumping in puddles

Needless to say, we did not stay too long at the park since Claire was too afraid to play once the water came back on. We went back to Grandma's house and found Aunt Shelbe in the pool so Claire joined her.
They had great fun. Claire knew Shelbe wouldn't force her to do anything she didn't want to, (like put her face in the water) so she was all smiles the whole time.
They played until nap time. Claire slept at Grandma's house while I ran a few errands and priced out food that I need for the VBS snacks. It was a great treat to stand in Costco with my paper and calculator and be able to make logical estimations of the food we need to make 3000 snacks in one week - without Claire.

What a fun day! Thank you Grandma and Aunt Shelbe!

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