Saturday, May 15, 2010

Schnepf Farm Peach Festival

This weekend, we made our 2nd annual trip out to Schnepf Farm for their peach festival. It was quite fun with Claire now being old enough to know what was going. We packed a lunch this time so we could splurge and let her ride on the train. She was so excited, she kept asking about the "choo choo" the whole time.
It was pretty hot in the sun so we got in line for a hay ride out to the peach orchard first thing. Claire got to hold a bag for the peaches we picked but she went around picking up ones that had fallen on the ground. She was pretty proud of herself though. There were a lot more people at the farm this time and peaches were not as ripe as they should be. Mental note: Next year, go on the later weekend.

Helping Dadda pick.They found one with a lady bug on it. It kept Claire fascinated for about 15 minutes.She thought that she could find more bugs. Unfortunately, she didn't.
She seemed to have more fun playing with the weeds.After our picnic lunch under some pine trees in the parking lot, (no food is allowed inside. Last time we spent nearly $20 on lunch that was terrible.) we went back to ride the train. We stopped by the flower fields to get some pictures.

She wasn't sure what we wanted her to do.
Being forced to smell a flower.Here is a picture of me with Claire and Will. I am slightly alarmed by the belly button thing going on already.
Finally, we got to the train. The whole day it had been blowing it's whistle and freaking Claire out. (she is very afraid of car horns, loud motorcycles and train whistles)
Here she is pointing out all of the letters that she knows. She knows about 2/3 of the alphabet. Those M's and N's are hard though!
She enjoyed the train but because it was nearly 2pm she was so tired and hot. Poor baby. After the ride it was time to go home. Bye Schnepf Farms! See you next year! (hopefully we will be capable of such outings with 2 children)

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