Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Swim Class - "Is Fun!"

This morning, we had Claire's second swim class (out of 5) The classes are at Swim Kids USA in Chandler. The only reason we decided to do it is because there was a great groupon offer - one month for $25 (regular price is $75)

I signed us up right away for the parent/tot class. When we got to the first lesson and I saw that the other kids were all under 9 months old, I thought maybe I should have signed her up for the next class up - but wow, am I glad I didn't. She is by far the worst one in the class. After last week, which was full of screaming "No!" and "All Done!", I was worried she would freak out as soon as she saw where we were going. This morning at breakfast I told her:

"Claire, you get to go to swimming class today at the pool."

"Is fun! - and Mama?"

"Yes, Mama is going with you, we will swim together"

She starts standing up in her chair and pulls at my shirt and says "off!" This was a good sign.

This swim class was special because Dadda was able to come with us to watch and take pictures. Claire was really excited. We got there a little early so we spent a few minutes in the warm up pool. She loved it even though she kept getting her chin in the water.
She jumped to me from the step and I would let her sink just a little before I caught her.

When class started, she was a little more tense. They do a lot of exercises with the kids on their backs. As you can see she is not a fan.
We practice blowing bubbles. She has yet to even put her mouth in the water.
We do little songs such and "motor boat" and "the babies in the pool go up and down" For some reason they put these floaty things on their arms but they don't even come close to helping them float so Claire just thinks it's torture.
The one thing Claire excels in is hanging on to the edge. She hangs on all by herself and we both count to 10. Then she scoots herself around the edge of the pool until she knocks down all the turtles. She likes this part.
She practices getting out at the steps. Little animals are there to greet her.
They also practice climbing out of the pool. Claire leaves the babies in the dust on this one.
The last few minutes of class they put this large floating mat in the pool and dump balls on it. The babies sit and play while we pour water on their heads. She did so much better this time. She still said "All done!" but at least she wasn't crying and screaming "No!"
When we get done with class, Claire loves to snuggle in her towel and is all smiles!

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