Sunday, June 14, 2009

Boomerang Express - VBS

I have been wanting to update for several days now but we have been so ridiculously busy that I haven't even had the time to check my e-mail, let alone type out a coherent paragraph and wait for hours as our newly downgraded internet connection uploads photos.

During the end of May, Josh was busy planning a graduation breakfast and recognitions as well as attending some graduations and parties for the youth. The next weekend was the youth group's first ever Dinner Theater at church. It turned out to be a huge success - which is fantastic - but it also took several weeks of preparation and practices and purchases.

When that event was done, we had one week before VBS which Josh and I and the Harwoods ran this year. The week was full of decorating the church and making last minute schedule changes and decisions. VBS this year was called "Boomerang Express" the motto was "It all comes back to Jesus" It was Australian themed so it was really fun the decorate the church to look "down under". We had a CD of the music and I played it every day when we got home and Claire would dance to it.
VBS week went really well. My main job was snack time and I had a great kitchen crew helping me make two snacks a day, and enough for 200 people. It was really fun but the sad news was for Claire. She had to go in the nursery for the first time. Five days in a row, four hours each day. She HATED it. The first day she cried the whole time but slowly the crying tapered off and by Friday she went straight to Denisse without any complaining. This is as happy as she got on the first day.

On Sunday, Josh left for Kids Camp and will be gone all week. Then he will actually have time to breathe - at least til youth camp in July.

Claire's birthday was June 4th but she had two parties. One on the 6th with the McKenzies and one on the 13th with the Coots clan. That post is coming up

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