Thursday, May 28, 2009

Lazy Summer Days

Claire finally got some flip flops!
We have looked for quite awhile now for some that fit her and stay on. Most stores don't have the toe strap like the flip flops so her foot falls out of them. Old Navy had these and they are super cute.... until she walks in them.

I found that if we put them on like this (backwards)they seem to stay on better and she can walk much faster and it doesn't look so wrong. Maybe? You be the judge.

We spend most of our days in the backyard - she cries whenever we come back inside. I don't blame her though as she has a pretty nice set up out there. She loves going in and out of the pool and playing with her many balls. Throwing wood chips into the pool is also a favorite past time

Claire also discovered she loves to sit in beach chairs and really enjoys the little pouch that hangs off the arms to hold drinks. She is all about storing rocks in them but today she was very happy to discover that her pool balls also fit in them.

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