Sunday, May 10, 2009

Sod and an Early Mother's Day

Josh and I have been wanting grass in the backyard since the day we moved into our house but finances have always stopped us from going through with it. Since my birthday is this week, my mom asked what I wanted for my birthday and I thought “grass” so, my family is all giving me money for my birthday that is designated for the sod and we decided to put it in yesterday, before the weather gets too hot and/or home depot stops selling it.

We got 500 sq feet and during Claire’s morning nap (3 hours) we laid it all and it was finished. We left one side of the yard dirt because we hope to put cement down next year so Claire can ride her little bikes around. We also are going to have to water it by hand for the next year until we can afford a sprinkler system. I am so excited for Claire to be able to run around back there finally, she LOVES to be outside.

That afternoon we drove out to Chandler to spend and early Mother's Day day with the Mom and Dad McKenzie and of course Aunt Shelbe. (We saw Uncle Corey for a brief moment too. )

Claire went swimming in the big pool with dadda and grandpa but she is still unsure of grandpa at times. As soon as Claire got out of the pool, she went potty on grandma’s new rug that is in the patio area. While she was going, she looked super upset/embarrased, but Grandpa said it was okay and Claire promptly continued running around and jabbering to herself. I am sad I do not have a picture of this.

Claire got to try mangos for the first time but she mostly enjoyed her strawberry. As you can see.

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