Thursday, June 18, 2009

Birthday Girl

Claire is 1!!!

It is still hard for me to believe that Claire is no longer a baby and is now a toddler. She has been "toddling" since she was nine months but now that she is one, she seems like such a big girl.

The day before her birthday, I took her to the doctor. She has never been for a well-baby check. Since we aren't doing vaccines, I didn't see the point of paying a copay to have the doctor weigh her, measure her and try to bully me into injecting carcinogens into her precious, pure body. We took her mostly because of her pigeon-toedness and slow weight gain. The doctor was amazed at how healthy she is and assured us that her weight and feet were perfectly fine. Her 1 year old stats: Height 28.5 in, weight 16lbs.

For Claire's birthday, on the 4th, we started the day out with some bear-shaped pancakes. I never realized how hard it is to make shapes out of pancake batter and I am wondering how my mom was so good at it when we were little. Claire actually ate a few bites of pancake so that was amazing. Then, Claire opened some gifts from our friends at church, which was a huge blessing seeing as we didn't get Claire anything for her birthday.

On the 6th, we got together with Josh's family. Claire swam in their pool which she loves because they have a shallow play shelf area that is only about a foot deep. She likes to lay out with her feet behind her. That is what she thinks swimming is right now.

Claire had her first bite of chocolate when she ate her mashable bear cake I made her. Josh decorated it after I gave up in disgust. She wasn't too enthused. She had a few happy moments though.

I made a regular sized cake for the rest of us that wouldn't have slobber mixed in.

Grandma and Grandpa got Claire the hook-on high chair that I have been wanting for a long time. I was very excited for it. It was more of a gift for me for sure. They also gave Claire a super cute book with bears called "I Love You Grandma"

Grandpa got a special gift for Claire. - A big, gross, lavender-purple monkey.

It is sincerely ugly but Claire loves it. (Thanks a lot Grandpa!) I have always told people that Claire hates monkeys (because I hate monkeys, they are disgusting and how people think they are cute is beyond me) and Claire hates purple. (Purple makes her hair look red and many of you know how I feel about that.)

The next weekend, we got together with my side of the family.
It was a combined celebration for my dad's birthday (same as Claire's) and my Aunt Faith's birthday (June 22) We ate and played our family famous domino game, Chicken Foot, opened presents, and ate some more cake. Claire was more open to eating the cake the second time around. My mom got Claire balloons and they were a BIG hit. She loves them and every time I take her in a store that has balloons, she is quick to point them out to me.

Aunt Faith and Marisol gave Claire her first set of Lincoln Logs.

Uncle Steve and Aunt Michelle got her a darling outfit and a Little People boat for playing in the bathtub.

Uncle Buddy got her two books that have the buttons on the side to make sounds. She really enjoys them.

Nana and Poppy got Claire some a little summer outfit and new shoes that are cute and stay on her feet. Claire will bring them to us to put them on.
Her big gift was a thrift store find. The Little Tikes cozy coupe. It was $15 at Savers and my mom order new sticker for it from Little Tikes. It is in excellent shape. Claire loves it.
We went outside to let Claire swim if she wanted. She mostly just acted like a goof and showed off her new sunglasses.

Then we came in and ate cake. At least she got messy this time.

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