Sunday, June 21, 2009

Weaning the Whiner

It's official! As of June 19th Claire is weaned. It was time. She was starting to pull at my shirt and be whiney for it all the time. The week at my mom's house did me in. She was constantly whining and wouldn't eat her real food because she knew she could just fill up on "nummers" as we call it. She was such a brat the whole week that I knew we had to do it at least before our annual trip to the beach house with Josh's family. (I didn't want her attitude to ruin the best week of the year) When she got up in the morning on the 18th, she had some "nummers" and then I thought we would see what would happen when nap time came and she wasn't lulled to sleep by nursing. Nap time came, I offered her some drink from her sippy cup and laid her down. She went right to sleep! I was so happy. The next nap and that night she did the same thing and ever since has been a changed girl - back to my sweet Claire.
Although I am glad Claire is a big girl now and actually eats at meals, I am really sad about this new way of life. For over a year I have been able to eat whatever, whenever and however much I wanted. Now, I have already gained 3 pounds and will have to get back into my healthy eating and exercising:(

In other news, Claire has discovered buckets,Chapstick,

Beach balls. I finally found one that doesn't have the Disney Princesses or Dora the Explorer all over it. (some other things that Claire hates)

and popsicles, (homemade with V-8 Fusion)

She also has a new skill we have been working on. We say "Claire. How old are you?" and she holds up her one finger. She will not do this while on camera but I took a picture of her "1" she held up right after I asked her. It looks more like she is pointing at you... we are working at it.

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