Saturday, June 10, 2017

The Start of Summer

We have been enjoying the summer so far.  The girls swim in our pool for hours on end everyday but we decided to go to the zoo just to play in the splash pads for a change of pace. (Cause we all know the zoo is no place to see animals in the summer)   *Disclaimer - I really do like the zoo now, you just have to know when to go and what to expect*

 Jack is not a fan of splash pads.  He watches the girls run and play like they are crazy.
 He just wants his blanket and his snacks.  Jack is so funny about his blanket.   He HAS to have it with him. None of the girls ever had a "lovey" before.  Today I need to cut some of them to a smaller size because they are too big and bulky (and hot!)for him to carry around all the time. 
 He did get dragged around by Claire for a little while.

 But then back to the dry benches for more snacks.  

Our summer days have been slow and relaxing.  I feel like I have a lot more time than I usually do. (which is evident from my TWO blog posts this week.)  I hope to be on top of my blog and take more pictures and videos.  The girls and I were watching some of our videos I have uploaded to youtube over the years and Paige said "Where is a video of me?"  and it was so sad because there isn't one!  Nor is there one of Jack. Bad mom.

We have a fun summer ahead of us,  Kids Camp, camping with my family (and maybe by ourselves too), VBS, a trip to the beach and hopefully lots of pictures for us to remember it by.

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  1. looks like lots of good memories in the making!