Friday, June 16, 2017

Two Van Family!

We got a new minivan!  I am in love!

In April I was rear-ended coming home from work on the I-17.  It was just a fender bender but I had a feeling God was moving some pieces around on our chess board of life and I was excited to see what would happen,

Then the insurance guy came to see the damage and do the appraisal and much to my surprise he totalled it.

 I have loved that van, it has been good to us for the 7 years that we have had it but with all the driving we do it has 173k miles on it.  Regardless, it is still really very nice and in good shape - except for the rear end damage

and the even more minor front damage from when I was catapulted into the person in front of me from the impact.

Everyone one with eyes knows that Josh needs a new car, he has needed a new car for about 5 years now actually but the Nissan was running fine and with all our moving and what not in the last 4 years it was never a good time to be roped into a car payment.

 SO of course the obvious solution is to get Josh a new car and I would just keeping driving the silver one.  BUT the caravan doesn't have rear air (big problem with four kids stuffed back there in the summer) and it has no room for anything except people.  We are not able to go camping or to the beach because there is NO room in the van and no roof rack.

So we decided, that it would be best for the family to get a new van (with rear air!) for me and the kids and keep the old van for Josh to drive.  Josh often drives youth around and picks up and drops of stuff for church events so it makes sense. Plus there is room for him to take all our kids if an emergency arises.

We ended up getting $2500 for the van from the insurance company to put toward the new van.
I knew I wanted a Toyota Sienna and after 2 solid months of looking and impatient girls complaining that we would never find one, we finally did.  (mostly because I opened up the color options to white.  I was against white at first.)

Here it is, my new ride. This van is awesome.

It is older, a 2004, but only has 90k miles and really good service records.  It was also by far the cleanest and most without flaws that we had looked at and the price was exactly what we had predetermined we were wanting to pay. (and you know what? I LOVE the white!)

Oh My Goodness!  How did we live without rear air!?  No more sweating!  The power sliding door is also the highlight of every outing.  Look at all that room!  I could barely squeeze that stroller into the old van.  (this one also has a roof rack)

We feel so blessed to be able to have it.  God turned something that seemed bad at first into a huge blessing for our family.

We are now trying to sell Josh's car.  It is so bad though.  We took it to the dealer to have it diagnosed - I don't want whoever buys it to feel like we scammed them.   It needs over $4000 worth of work.

What a gem.

Maybe someone will buy it for parts?

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  1. what kind of work does the nissan need? is it mostly aesthetic?