Tuesday, June 20, 2017


This past weekend we finally celebrated Claire's birthday with my family, 
along with my dad's, Aunt Faith's and mine.

Now that my mom and dad no longer have a pool, our house became the default party house.
Marisol and Jason also have a pool but they couldn't make it this time.
It was a pretty typical family gathering,

Josh grilled hamburgers and hot dogs

and the cousins swam.






It should be noted that ALL of the kids now jump off the diving board, except Jack of course.

Claire really wanted to get helium balloons so she could suck the helium in them. 

We have been watching America's Got Talent and when we saw the magician with the balloons that were filled with a gas that made the judges voice go way lower, the girls were mesmerized and wanted to try it, with helium, obviously.

So we did that but apparently it takes some skill to breath it in and the younger girls couldn't quite do it. They would just let the gas blow into their mouths.

We had cake and opened presents,

 Claire got a slackline from my parents. (Uncle Buddy's idea)

We have been having a good time hanging it over our pool.
No one can do it with out the help ropes yet.

This week we are trying to stay cool and get ready for Claire and Joy and Josh to head off for a Kid's Camp.  This will be Joy's first time.  She is SO excited.

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