Sunday, May 4, 2014

Lazy Saturday

We had a relaxing Saturday.   Claire and Josh went to the church's Kid's Camp car wash fundraiser and I stayed home with the little girls.  It is amazing how quiet and calm the house is when Claire is not here!  I'm looking forward to her week at kid's camp. (yes I am letting her go to kid's camp this year - she is going to love it.)

My mom invited us over to play in their pool while it filled up.  
Joy apparently doesn't remember swimming last year,  it was half her life ago!  She was timid and a little unsure without someone telling her what to do but she had a good time.

Paige does NOT like pools or baths.  Snacks helped her cope though and then she got sleepy and sucked her thumb. 
  Darling - I've always wanted a baby that sucks her thumb.

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