Sunday, May 25, 2014


We are the proud, new owners of kittens.  As you can imagine the girls are ecstatic. (well, so am I, but I hide it better)   I love kittens/cats but Josh has allergies and is not a fan - although I find it suspicious that sometimes I'll catch him with a kitten napping on his chest.
Claire picked out the gray one - Gandalf, and I chose the other one  - Arwen.

We wanted to get siblings so they would not be lonely and and have a playmate.  They are so fun to watch.  Arwen is much more playful and is always the instigator when it comes to their little wrestling matches.  She can't leave his tail alone.  (the floor is a mess because Paige decided to dump out the kitty food and water and play in the litterbox while unsupervised for 3 minutes.)

We took them outside for the first time and they apparently have never walked on grass before.  Arwen leapt everywhere she went trying to avoid touching the prickly grass.

 Gandalf wasn't too happy with it either and just refused to move.
Poor Arwen got the short end of the stick and is the one that is "Joy's cat".  Joy does not understand how to be careful with these little kitties.  (they weigh 1 3/4 lbs)
 Gandalf is a cuddler and has accepted his fate of being "Claire's"  Claire does really well with him and he doesn't seem to mind that she holds him practically all day long.

I had to make a new rule "no kittens at the table or in the play oven."

He's a cutie.

The play hard and nap hard.
 If only the infant stage would be as fast as the kitten stage.

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