Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Off We go!

We are leaving for Disneyland!!!!!

We are surprised too, it came about quickly.  We have been telling Claire for quite a few months that this would be the year she could go to Disneyland during our beach trip this summer.  It is the perfect time,  Claire would be 6 and is finally tall enough to go on all the rides (except Indiana Jones) and Joy would be almost 3 (which means FREE to get in).  When we found out the beach trip wasn't going to happen this year we were a little bummed but my parents offered to take us instead.  We quickly decided to go before school got out to hopefully avoid the peak summer attendance (and temperatures).   We are so excited!  I think I am more excited than the girls!

So off we go!  We are armed with snacks, games, and our beloved Patch the Pirate cd's.

California here we come... and tomorrow Disneyland!

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