Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Zoo Day

Last week we had the pleasure of going to the zoo with Jenni Jacks and her girls, and Jenni's mom who helped corral everybody! 

 It has been quite  awhile since we've been to the zoo.  
It was the first time that Joy has been able to appreciate it.  They liked it very much and we were so happy that the day was cool and cloudy.  All of the animals were out and we stayed much longer than originally planned.

Snack break!

This is the first time ever that Paige fed herself something.  We have been baffled at her inability to self feed but the day before I had worked with her on it all throughout the day and it payed off! It was a joyous moment.

Milking the fake cow

Joy didn't mind the goats!  It was quite a different reaction from the last time we saw goats.

 When we left all the girls felt like this.
 What a fun time we all had!

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