Tuesday, April 16, 2013

The Tortoise and The Hare

 If you've read my blog for a length of time you would know that I don't have patience for animals. Before I had children to take care of, animals were okay to clean up after, feed, worry about etc.  but after we having kids the last thing I want is to have to mop up muddy paw prints or pick up "accidents" in the house.

After getting rid of our dog, we just had a cat Jonas and "the turtle", as we affectionately call our tortoise.  The cat was alright but pretty worthless (as are all animals) and the day we moved he got scared and ran away.  The new owners of our house couldn't catch him so... Good Bye Jonas.  We missed you for about  7 minutes.

I was perfectly happy with our one pet, the beloved tortoise.  We have had him for 3 years and don't have to do anything for him.  He is one cool dude. He roams the yard and eats weeds and grass.  We tried getting him tortoise food but he won't eat it.   He has been a fun decoration to our backyard and the girls enjoy looking for him and giving him treats occasionally.  But then.... a few days after we moved, my friend in Laveen found a bunny in her yard.  She couldn't keep it and the neighbors were trying to kill it so she caught it for us and we adopted him. 
Claire has named him Thumper.
 Josh built a really nice hutch for him but we felt sorry for him being cooped up all day.  He looked so bored.  We decided to let him be a free bunny so like the turtle, he roams the yard, eats what he pleases and is very low maintenance.  We do make sure that his bowl of water is full and we enjoy bringing him vegetables but other than that, he is on his own. 
 He seems to be much happier now that he can run and be free.  Sometimes he will be social and let us pet him, other times, he will not be caught.
 We are hoping that Thumper and The Turtle will become buddies.  I don't know if that is at all possible though.  Probably not. 
It's nice to have these two critters around to eat the vegetables that I buy but never eat.  It makes me feel less guilty. 

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