Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Meet the Creature

 We just got back from City of Chandler's Meet The Creature.  Oh my goodness it was so fun!  I was expecting just one animal but there were so many!  

The teacher talked about each animal and let us know the safe way to handle them.  We were so happy to see the guinea pigs up close since we have told Claire that when she is older we will get some.  These pigs were much bigger than any that I've ever had.  
 Long hair 
and short hair.  
She had brushes and clips for the kids to put in the guinea pigs hair.

The craziest animal there was the armadillo.  Wow! I had never seen one before!  It was amazing!  I was kicking myself for not bringing my camera but luckily our little video camera was in my purse so I was able to get a few shots (which explains the poor picture quality)

This little guy was fast and never stopped moving so I couldn't get a good picture of his face.
But when he was held he curled up into a ball.  His head and tail fit together like a perfect puzzle.  I was in awe but the girls didn't care about it at all.

They were busy petting the chinchilla ..

 and turtle...
 but the star of the show was this lizard. 

The kids had him by the window because he uses static electricity to walk on glass. I had never heard of that before.  He did not have suction feet at all.

We had a great time and on the way home talked about how amazing to was that God made so many different creatures.  Claire cannot wait for the next class.

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