Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Parks and Rec Fun

 We have so been enjoying our new home and area.  Right away we started taking advantage of the City of Chandler parks and rec classes.  Last month we had Claire's sportball and art class.
She loved sportball but not many other kids showed up.   The week that I snapped a few pictures, was the week that she was the only kid! 
 She loved it anyway.  She adored the coaches and they did an awesome job.  I am glad it is over though because it was getting really hot to be outside waiting for her to be done.  
  Joy and I played on the playground that was right there and Joy enjoyed some one-on-one time with me each week.

Claire's art class was pretty fun too.  Each week the teacher had all sorts of different paints and techniques ready for them to try.

She loved this technique the best and made SEVERAL of them. 
Joy is too young for the class so we didn't pay for her so I couldn't let her try anything even though she really wanted too.  I did let her play with the play dough when other kids weren't using it since it is a non-consumable.
I was taking care of Joy and Claire was working on a painting by herself.  When I came over to see how she was doing I saw that she had painted the word "wet" on her painting.
"What does this say?" I asked her. 
"Wet" she said.
"Why did you write "wet" on your painting?"
"Because when I painted the purple wings on the butterfly, the paint was too wet and it is dripping."

I was impressed.  She has been able to read most short vowel words for awhile but we have really been working on spelling lately and I felt like that moment was a small victory.

I think we will try a gymnastics class next.  Most classes go out past the time that the baby will be born so I don't want to commit to too many.

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