Tuesday, April 9, 2013


Our Easter was very much the same as every other Easter except for the addition of Cousin T.J. and the fact that we were all a year older. 

We went to church in the morning and then went over to my parents' house for our family get together. We have yet to get a good picture of the 3 cousins.  We tried and tried to get one on Easter but to no avail. This was the best one of the kids....
and the best one with Nana and Poppy.
After pictures we ate and someone discovered that Joy's art work was much more impressive than we first thought.
 We decided it looks like some sort of Japanese influenced bird.
After we ate we went out for the huge, excited, egg hunt.  Uncle Buddy always hides the eggs.  Since Joy was able to participate this year we made the purple and pink eggs for her (and they were just laying on the ground) and all other colors were for Claire (somewhat hidden).

We thought Joy would LOVE the egg hunt but as usual she was being a huge grump.  She is ALWAYS a grump when we have family get togethers.  We don't understand why but she turns into a whiny, clingy, ornery, stinkbug at almost all social functions.  So, because she was in a mad bad mood she decided she did NOT want to get the eggs.
We showed her that there was candy inside and this appeased her for a few moments but as soon as the candy was gone she would cry again.  We ignored her and eventually she started picking eggs up on her own.
Claire helped her find the last few.
T.J. enjoyed looking at our tortoise.  He (the tortoise) was living at my parents for a little while because after we moved, my dad sprayed the weeds in our new backyard and we didn't want him to eat the weeds with poison on them. 
Look at those chubby legs!  T.J. is 5 months old and weighs more than Joy! 
He is a happy, go lucky guy.

  Joy was happy for a few moments on the swing.

Later, Claire showed off her hula hoop skills

and Uncle Buddy showed her how to run through it while it was rolling.

It was a fun Easter, now if only I could eradicate the Easter basket grass from my house! 

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