Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Wrap Up

We had a brief week home for VBS and then we went back to my mom's on Sunday, which is when Josh left for Kid's camp. We got to see Poppy on Father's Day before he headed off to New Jersey again for 2 weeks.Even though we had been at his house, he was gone the whole time. He was surprised at how much better she was with swimming.

The week was pretty fun and low key. Claire was an excellent girl, no time-outs or spanks were necessary and she was just a joy. We were laughing constantly, she says the funniest things sometimes.

She practiced swimming with her water wings.
She doesn't trust them very much so she stays over the steps.

We went for a ride on the Build-A-Bear train at the mall...
played some golf...
and just chilled.Yep, still doing that weird finger-sucking, eyelash-touching thing.

We discovered that we LOVE The Children's Place and Claire got some birthday money from her Great Grandpa and Grandma Sheila. We bought her some plain denim shorts and plain khaki shorts. (with no pink and purple butterflies embroidered all over them - this is the only store that carries such an item- what do you know!) and the white and blue halter tops shown in the pictures above. I love that everything there is simple and good quality.

Phew! I am now caught up. (well, except for VBS, but I haven't even seen many pictures from that yet since Josh has been so busy/gone.

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