Sunday, June 20, 2010

Claire Turns Two! - Take 1

On June 4th, Claire turned 2 years old! I can't believe how fast these two years have gone! (Well, not counting the first 3 months of infancy which were a living nightmare - that stage in and of itself seemed like a decade) It is amazing how much she has matured and learned just on the past few months and even weeks.

Because Claire shares her birthday with her Poppy, we combined their family parties along with my Aunt Faith's who also has a June birthday. Josh wasn't able to come because he was in Africa but obviously we had to do it before Poppy left for his work trip.

Claire still loves Elmo so we got her an Elmo balloon. He was a good investment because he hung around for over a week and was always a fun toy.

Faith and Marisol, Steve and Michelle and their dogs Minx and Anna all came. Claire loves her Uncle Didi, (Steve) they played together almost the entire day and even in the following weeks she asks about Didi and Shel and Minx.

Uncle Didi played in the backyard with her. They ran races and he taught her how to stand before the race.Claire didn't win very often.
After many, many races, she finally got tired but still had enough energy to be chased and act silly.
(I love this picture)
Later, Didi braved the cold water to go swimming with her and Claire loved every moment of it.Gift opening time for Claire is never a highlight. She always disappoints us with her lack of gift opening skills. She also doesn't know what to do when everyone is staring at her.

She got many lovely gifts. Didi and Shel always give her a Little People set - which she loves. Aunt Faith got her some nice chubby paint brushes and paint jars and several books from Cousin Marisol. Nana and Poppy got her many little gifts and among them was Hi Ho Cherri-O. She loves the little cherries and counts them. This is how she counts. "1,2 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15!" How can you possibly know 11-15 but not 3-7? I don't know, we have been working on it.

A family at church gave us an old-timey tupperware play set. It looks like it has never been used. She loves it because Nana has the exact same pitcher and calls it her "food toy."
Even though Uncle Buddy is still up at Summit, he managed to show off his sense of high-fashion and bought her a very popular hat and halter top to match. Somebody taught her how to model.

Finally, the torture of opening gifts was over and it was time for cake! She couldn't blow out the candle but that's okay. Poppy helped her. We'll keep working on that too.

What a fun day for Claire! The best part is that she still had another party coming!
We waited until Josh got home to celebrate with his family. But that is another post.

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