Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Pool Time!

A few weeks ago, Claire and I spent the afternoon with Grandma and Aunt Shelbe at the Lifetime Fitness pool. We went once last year and Claire liked it a lot. This year she LOVED it.

The shoreline slope of the pool made it very fun for her and she felt in control of how deep she was getting. She got very brave with the "bubble" jets.
Aunt Shelbe brought a whale for Claire to play with and it provided all kinds of fun.

Claire practiced scooting along the wall. She did really well and made poor grandma do it again and again and again with her.
Claire played with Aunt Shelbe for the longest time while Grandma and I watched in our chairs. It was really nice. She fell while running and went underwater once but she didn't even have a huge fit about it. (just a little one)

Oh no, the back of her neck is getting wet!Enjoying some ice water.
What a fun day in the sun!

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